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02 September 2021

Events at the mother centre now and in the future

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Last weekend Manjushri KMC took another step towards normal operations as it hosted a Summer Retreat that included residential accommodation. Entitled Permission to be Peaceful it was led by Gen Kelsang Sherab, Resident Teacher of Compassion KBC in the UK. It was a magical weekend and participants delighted in the beautiful weather and peaceful atmosphere. See the wonderful photos and reviews for this event below and check the brochure for events to come.

Latest brochure

Here  is some feedback from the Permission to be Peaceful course:

"I’ve always longed for an inner peace because I feel my experiences of happiness are quite short-lived. I’m not able to sleep at night as my mind is totally disturbed and wandering. Then, one day my son suggested I try a retreat in Manjushri KMC and so I treated myself to it as birthday present.

"At first I felt lost because I had never done meditation before and everything seemed strange. But after three sessions I started to feel the difference and experience peace in my heart and mind while meditating.  I realised that this was what I had been searching for all my life.

"I’m so grateful to know this meditation and eager to know more about the deeper meaning of life through learning Buddha's teaching. I know I need to learn and practise more but what I've experienced in this retreat has already had a beneficial impact on me because I found peace.

I thanked my son for introducing me to your group and I thank everyone there, who are all kind and friendly. Thank you all for having me ❤️ "

See below for more feedback.

More feedback

"The Permission to be Peaceful retreat was enjoyable, informative and well-delivered by Gen Sherab's inclusive and accessible teaching style. I was fortunate to receive the teachings in person within the beautiful Manjushri Temple for World Peace, and came away with both new insights and a set of tools to further develop the peaceful minds that are fundamental for the experience of happiness."

"The weekend retreat at Manjushri was amazing, I left feeling balanced and renewed. What a perfect way to spend a weekend and reset."

"One thing that comes to mind about last weekend's retreat is how peaceful it was. I got so much out of the sessions. Being in the temple is just beautiful. Everywhere you went you just felt the atmosphere of peace. And Gen Sherab was fantastic! His presentation was charming and very clear."

"An amazing weekend for learning, introspection and spiritual growth, with the relief of a like-minded and caring community. It is humbling to meditate in a room of people brought together in the same moment of time with such differing life stories.

"Kelsang Sherab gently, and with such humour, illuminated the areas on which we all should work - to bring peace, into our own life, and therefore into the collective. Peace is not just for ones self, but for the betterment of all."

"I found the permission to be peaceful retreat to be such an enriching experience! Kelsang Sherab is a fantastic teacher who made the classes very easy to understand, even for those with no or very basic understanding of Buddhism such as myself!

"I gained such a good insight into various types of meditation and felt very comfortable and at ease throughout the sessions! What a brilliant weekend! Thank you Manjushri and thank you Kelsang Sherab for the experience!"