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27 September 2021

A true foundation for happiness

The Foundation Program is one of the three study programs that are the core of Modern Kadampa Buddhism. It is deeply appreciated by thousands of people around the world, for whom it often has hugely beneficial life-changing results.

Here we share some testimonials from students studying with Kelsang Rabka at KMC Singapore.

"In the past,  found that listening to and reading Buddha's teachings quickly created a wonderful sense of inner peace and positivity but that the same old negative mental habits would soon return. Over the years, the Foundation Programme has given me the structure and support to gradually replace these bad habits with an enduring positivity, with which to face life's endless challenges.

"For anyone interesting in using Buddha's wisdom to not just help address life's ups and downs but to go deeper into the magic of Buddhadharma, the Foundation Programme is a must!"


"Having been on the FP for last couple of years, it has allowed me to step back and see the bigger picture of Dharma. Being part of a stable community of practitioners has also been instrumental to that learning journey as we engage in discussion and discourse to check our understanding and ultimately support each other. The more in-depth programme helps me to connect the dots between the various concepts, which lend towards a greater appreciation, understanding and commitment to becoming a better person, for the benefit of others."

"Being on FP makes me a happier and more logical person. Attending class recharges me  with the fuel of positive energy ❤️😊."


"Being on the Foundation Programme is one of the best things in my life. Before I started on the program, I was drawn to the teachings but did not know how to put them to use. FP has given me the opportunity to study Dharma methodically, and the steady pace allows me to continually apply learnings to situations in life. I have also met many special friends who inspire and encourage me to improve my mind. FP is life-changing magic!"

"I like many others am in high stress job. I needed my own coping mechanism to manage work, life and still be at peaceful in my heart most importantly.

"I reached this wonderful programme for a weekend trial and gradually extended on and off for a couple of years lacking discipline of continuity. When I finally enrolled for the foundation program 2 years ago, since then I have realised, it’s a very deep & beautiful subject. It easily gives tools, techniques & strength to joyfully manage worldly activities and clear path to progress spiritually, if one is drawn by it."


“A close friend recommended this centre to pick up the art of meditation. I was able to absorb the teachings easily thanks to the excellent teachers while it did help that the classes are conducted in English. I have now spent around 5 years attending meditation classes regularly and volunteering at the centre. Recently I decided to commit to the Foundation Programme where we study Buddhism in-depth.

This has helped me understand the reasons and causes for all my obstacles which occur during meditation. Even though I wish I started this sooner, I am really pleased now that I am on the right path 🙏🏻 ”

"The Singapore FP programme provides wonderful teachers and a community to accompany the profound books of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso."


"Over the years, FP has been a place to develop a peaceful mind and a wonderful way to deepen my understanding of Dharma. It has helped me have a more patient attitude and I thoroughly enjoy the meaningful discussions we have in class. I am thankful to our teachers and sangha friends for giving me this opportunity even when I can’t attend class in person."

"FP is a community of kind and patient practitioners. They’ve helped me with practical solutions to questions and problems I’ve been grappling with for many years. Whereas in the past I languished in these problems with a grudging acceptance of my limits, through FP, I’m learning to look at things I cannot reasonably change with a faithful and peaceful mind—that no matter what difficulties I might face or how long it might take me, I can complete my task and bring happiness to others."

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