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22 September 2021

2021 Fall Festival bookings now open

Bookings for the 2021 Fall Festival online are now open. Book now on the Festival website.

At the Festival, Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, General Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU, will grant the empowerment of Buddha Green Tara and give teachings on the sublime practice of The Path to Heaven, a special transference of consciousness (powa) practice of Arya Tara.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Festival. Please note, to receive the commentary you must first receive the empowerment.

Book now on the Festival website.

The destination is the Guru's heart
In the practice called The Path to Heaven, we train in transferring our consciousness to the Dharmakaya, or Truth Body, at the heart of the Spiritual Guide, which is the ultimate Pure Land Land, or Heaven.

We visualise our Spiritual Guide as Buddha Tara above our crown and, through training in faith and meditation on the central channel, mix our consciousness with the Spiritual Guide's Truth Body.

During the practice, after we make requests, Guru Tara says::

"Come and abide in the Truth Body,
The blissful Pure Land here in my heart."


A new sadhana will available soon in multiple formats from Tharpa Publications & the Festival Shop