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23 June 2021

Important updates on the Summer Festival

please read carefully

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The 2021 Summer Festival website is now live at: kadampafestivals.org/summer

In recognition of current restrictions, we have received permission to stream the entire Festival, including the Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments, live online. So for the very first time, we will offer a blended live in-person and live- streamed online Festival.

Different structure and presentation
There is a lot that is different about the structure and presentation of the Festival this year, so please read the following carefully and check the corresponding sections on the website.

Very limited in-person attendance
In-person attendance will be limited to Week 2 for those not at MKMC prior to the Festival and available only for people residing in the UK.

Viewing online
The entire Festival will be streamed live for those in European time zones and a recording of the live teaching will then be rebroadcast in several other time zones. You will be able to view the Festival only in the time zone for which you have booked, so please choose your time zone carefully when booking.

Have you installed zoom?
With the exception of the Hong Kong time zone, which will use YouTube, all sessions will be streamed through Zoom. So you will need to have Zoom installed on the device with which you want to view the sessions. This is a free app.

Catch-up does not include empowerments
Please note, there will be only one opportunity in each time zone to receive the empowerments, but the teachings, meditations and retreat sessions will remain online until 23:59 (UK time) on 4 September.


  1. The empowerment of Heruka and Vajrayogini is in 4 sessions
  2. You must attend all four sessions to have received the empowerment
  3. Each empowerment session will be broadcast only ONCE in the time zone that you have booked for
  4. To attend the Festival and receive the empowerments, you must be available at the time they are being broadcast  (see timetable page for details of the time zones)
  5. To receive the commentary you must have received the empowerments

Please read the website
Whether you wish to participate online or in-person, all the essential information you require is on the website. Please take the time to read it carefully.

Booking coming soon
You will be able to book for the Festival soon from the website.

Thank you