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04 May 2021

Special Event at KMC Montpellier

The emptiness of time

Recently, KMC Montpellier, hosted a special course with Gen Kelsang Eupamé, National Spiritual Director of France, giving teachings on emptiness of time. Kadam Olivier Terreault, the Resident Teacher, gave additional explanations.

"Today's teaching has completely challenged everything I believed about time, about my linear conception of time. It shook this conception of past present and future as existing in itself and it highlighted how I can look at the events that are happening to us now in a completely different way, and how much time and energy can be wasted in this attachment or aversion or indifference to events that in reality only have an existence in the moment they occur. It's a different way of looking at things and it's going to take me time to integrate all of that, but it does offer another perspective so that one can really free oneself from these matters and move forward with much more serenity."

"I really valued this teaching given by Gen Kelsang Eupamé on the emptiness of time."

"These teachings turned my head a bit upside down, if I may say so. The teachings on emptiness always show me the extent to which my mind tends to freeze things. Thus understanding and realising how we tend to freeze our memories and the whole past and future is amazing! It puts everything into question. And I discovered that when I'm thinking about events from the past, I didn't realise it at first, but I perceive them as really existing, as if they were still existing like in a different timeframe. So these teachings really helped me to put things into a new perspective. I find that it brings a lot of lightness. For sure I'll need to think about it again, meditate on it more, but wow, what a relief! It's just fantastic!"

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