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09 March 2021

Profound wisdom from KMC Edinburgh

KMC Edinburgh’s Manjushri empowerment this weekend  may have taken place virtually, but for those attending, we gathered together in the space of emptiness and what a joyful place it was!

Lifting us out of the hallucinations of daily life, Resident Teacher, Gen-la Kunsang, guided us into the wisdom truth of emptiness - where everything is possible! With teachings as clear as crystal and as powerful as the love of the truest friend, Gen-la connected us to the wisdom lineage of our tradition through the blessings of Buddha Manjushri and revealed the practice as a treasury of wisdom to bring into our own hearts.

With fearless joy Gen-la shared the union of Sutra and Tantra, the union of compassion and wisdom and the union of Dharma and daily life as the very heart of our Spiritual Guide's gift to us as fortunate modern Kadampa disciples.

And how fortunate we felt as Gen-la explained that we could integrate all of this into our daily practice of Heart Jewel. Combining the lineages of compassion, wisdom and spiritual power - surely there could be no better method to make this wisdom our own?

Thank you Venerable Geshe-la, thank you Gen-la Kunsang and thank you Kadampa Sangha. Together may we abide in the endless space of emptiness, appearing whatever living beings need and guiding them to the supreme permanent peace of enlightenment.

"The photos of the shrine and offering are beautiful."

"Thank you for encouraging us to know that developing this wisdom is our potential and that with wisdom we can develop pure view and unmistaken appearance. How wonderful."

"Thank you all for your work, the Empowerment and Teaching has been wonderful today. I feel very peaceful."

"I really feel as though I have spent an important part of this weekend with you all on Leith Walk. I hope it will not be too long before I can visit you all in person again at the Centre."