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02 March 2021



This weekend, over a hundred  people received the blessing empowerment of Buddha Amitayus from Gen Kelsang Chogka, Resident Teacher at KMC Spain and National Spiritual Director for Spain and Portugal. Here is what they said:

"Would you rely on something that is always disappearing and re-appearing?

"These days we have surely found new and good reasons not to rely on our gross mind, which appears, disappears and definitely ceases at death.

"Gen Kelsang Chokga explained special meditations on how to forget our self-grasping, attain the vajra body, our deathless body and receive the blessings of Buddha Amityaus. Through applying effort in this practice and receiving the blessings of Guru Amitayus we can prevent untimely death and finally attain the deathless body of a Buddha. Then we will have the capacity and ability to help all living beings.

"Gen Chokga granted Amitayus empowerment and gave teachings on the Yoga of Buddha Amitayus sadhana. She encouraged us to engage in the yearly retreat on Amitayus and to maintain the blessings of the empowerment. And she emphasised keeping our bodhichitta alive and always flourishing

"Over 100 people, both online and in person, from all corners of Spain participated in and enjoyed these precious teachings.

"Thanks to everyone for making such special events come true. Through gaining deep familiarity with this meditation, may we swiftly become a deathless person for the benefit of all living beings."

Spanish Festival with Gen-la Dekyong coming soon
The 2021 Spanish Festival with Gen-la Dekyong , who will grant the blessing empowerment of Buddha Tara, will take place in a few weeks.

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