02 January 2021

Celebrating from the English Lakes to the Swiss Mountains

Wherever the Dharma of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche touches people's hearts, joy arises naturally.
Thank you Venerable Geshe-la.

Transforming adversity at the mother center

Despite newly imposed covid-19 restrictions, residents, volunteers and local people at Manjushri KMC in the English Lake District gathered in the Temple for an inspiring teaching by Gen Rabten followed by a warm yet socially distanced party- and then six sessions of Tara chanting to bring in the new year. It seems no adversity can weaken the enthusiasm or sincerity of these fortunate ones!


Meanwhile, in Törbel in the Swiss mountains, residents and visitors at Kailash IRC celebrated the New Year with a teaching by Gen Devi followed by prayers to the Buddha of Compassion. And then a delightful, light-hearted party!


Both centres now begin extensive retreats throughout January

Manjushri KMC: https://manjushri.org/events/january-retreat-the-art-of-meditation

Kailash IRC:  https://www.kailash.org/snow-mountain-retreat-2021/