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10 December 2020

The wisdom & bliss of enlightenment

midwest dharma celebration 2020

Last week at the Midwest Dharma Celebration hosted by KMC Chicago, Gen Kelsang Demo the National Spiritual Director for Midwest USA and Resident Teacher at KMC Washington DC, granted the blessing empowerment of Buddha Prajnaparamita, also known as 'the Great Mother', who is the embodiment of the Perfection of Wisdom of all Buddhas.

Gen Demo gave truly inspiring teachings on improving our wisdom and overcoming the obstacles that prevent our spiritual development. By applying these instructions in practical ways, we can gradually accomplish the wisdom and bliss of enlightenment.

The Celebration was introduced by Gen Zamling, Resident Teacher at KMC Chicago, and the meditations were led by Gen Chokyi, Resident Teacher at KMC Bloomington.

Thanks to the hard work of the community at KMC Chicago with additional help from the communities at KMC Washington DC and KMC Philadelphia, perfect conditions were created for people to take part online from all over the Midwest.

The Celebration included an online Question & Answer session, which was a great success.

Gen Kelsang Demo
Gen Kelsang Zamling
Gen Kelsang Chokyi