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06 August 2020

Banner Festival Summer

Day 15 ~ There are no words

In every respect this has been an extraordinary Festival - an epic spiritual journey taken by thousands of people of many different nationalities and cultures travelling together under the guidance of kind and skillful Teachers.

Every single aspect of this Festival - the event itself, the teachings, the Teachers, the venues, the books, the international organisation, the global family, and so much more - has arisen from the heart of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. Without his sublime intention and compassionate vision none of this would have been possible.

Dear Venerable Geshe-la, although we cannot find words to adequately express our gratitude for your extraordinary kindness, we can offer our heartfelt intention to continue this sublime journey for the sake of all living beings until through applying your precious Dharma we become just like you.

May you remain with us in the very best of health for an inconceivably long time, and may all your extraordinary wishes be fulfilled.

How do you say thank you?

Maintaining the Union

During this Festival we have had a small taste of the International Kadampa Buddhist Union created by Venerable Geshe-la. We have seen its power and potential and we have understood that it truly is the seed of world peace.

Though the Festival is coming to an end this precious Union does not end but remains in our hearts as we go about our daily lives. And in a accordance with Venerable Geshe-la's wish we will take every opportunity to strengthen this Union by participating in the International Festivals he has created.

Venerable Geshe-la's next gift to us is the International Fall Festival at which Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong will grant the empowerment of Medicine Buddha.


international kadampa family online

Submissions for this Festival are now closed.
Thank you to everyone for all your inspiring contributions.
See you soon for the Fall Festival!

3 voices from mexico

mariana, queretaro

sandra, cuernavaca

kelsang gyalmo, queretaro

photo stories

chwee, malaysia

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The Sangha community at Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Penang, Malaysia ( VKBC ) gathered together to meet Mother Arya Tara through the online Green Tara empowerment with Gen-la Jampa at IKRC Grand Canyon in Arizona.

May everyone be free from suffering and attain supreme everlasting happiness.

How fortunate and wonderful!!!!

alicia, china

Creating opportunities for my son and daughter to receive the blessing empowerments of long life Amitayus and powerful Green Tara is the best gift in this world a mother could give her children.

I believe there is no greater good fortune or gift in this world for my children than having the chance to listen to Dharma.

I hope they will not grow into victims of life, but instead become victors of their minds. Whatever they might have learned about blaming or disliking others, or looking outside themselves for causes of their experiences, now I am confident they will always be under the protection of enlightened beings, powerful enough to guide their minds back to the middle way, which is surely leading to happiness of full enlightenment in the end.

There is nothing more relieving and reassuring for me as someone who does not want them to waste this human life.

May Tara bless all the mothers in the abyss of sufferings.

VKMC students, south africa


Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, giving the world so much hope. The teachings meditations and retreat really settle the mind at a time of global appearances of economic, financial, physical and mental stress. May we unify all appearances in ultimate truth and draw close to Guru Ayra Tara in each moment of our life.

katrina, australia


Hi there !

I’m fortunate to teach a Kadampa kids class at the primary school close to our temple here in Sydney.

The children are aged from 5 to 12 years and there are almost 30 children in the class.

The children have a special connection with the teachings on faith, and they quickly generate faith in the different Buddhas as they learn about them.

Last week we offered Buddha Tara a long mandala.Then today we enjoyed a special meditation where we dissolved Guru Tara into our heart.

First we generated refuge and bodhichitta, then we offered a mandala and made requests reciting Tara’s mantra. Tara came to our crown and dissolved into our hearts where she will stay forever.

What a perfect way to start a school day!

elisabete, brasil


What a joy I feel to be receiving the teachings of Geshe-la and as blessings from Buddhas Amitayus and Arya Tara, to regain my confidence and faith in Geshe-la even more, how wonderful and kind!

Geshe-la is for me the Medicinal Nectar that heals like disease, the Vital Nectar that overcomes death and the Wisdom Nectar that heals like my illusions.

How grateful I feel to be receiving these blessings through him, and I can't imagine my life without his advice.

Thank you to the wonderful teachers who are passing on these precious teachings and to all those who are working so that we receive the teachings in our home, in this very difficult time of the pandemic, that fill us with hope and are a relief for our hearts.

A big hug to the whole community and Kadampa friends.




I am about 3 days behind watching the Teachings and have just received Buddha Tara Empowerment.

We are about to enter Stage 4 Lockdown here in Melbourne, Australia.

Seeing photographs and videos  of other Kadampas enjoying the sunshine and sitting amongst friends in a social setting on the Kadampa Wall, my entire body and mind felt incredibly light and I experienced immense joy and sincerely rejoiced in their happiness and good fortune.

The "old me" would not have done this and would have felt jealousy and covetousness.

I feel that Tara is truly residing in my heart and I will rely on her for the remainder of this life and future lives.

I pray to Tara that the most violent and infectious diseases are dispelled.

Robyn, Australia

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