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30 July 2020

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Day 8 ~ What Great good fortune!

collecting a great store of dharma in our mind

All the empowerments and teachings we receive are for the sake of our practice. And our practice, especially our meditation, is for the sake of attaining enlightenment to benefit all living beings.

The importance of meditation is reflected in the structure of the Festival. By the end of this first week we will have enjoyed 1 empowerment, 8 teachings and 19 guided meditations - 5 during the teaching days and 14 in the concluding retreat.

And with the files remaining online until August 25 we have plenty of time to repeat these precious meditations. How wonderful if we can take to heart the teachings and meditations of this week and keep them always as a precious store of Dharma that we take with us wherever we go.

festival podcast

Why All Living Beings are Precious

Why All Living Beings are Precious
Gen-la Dekyong

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And How They Help Us

week 2 approaches

Today, this amazing week comes to an end and tomorrow the teachings move to IKRC Grand Canyon in the United States where Gen-la Kelsang Jampa the Deputy Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition will grant the empowerment of Buddha Tara and teachings on Advice from Atisha's Heart.

But we will be back at the mother center for the meditations with Gen Rabten, and then off to KMC New York for the closing retreat with Kadam Morten.

What great good fortune!

video wall

teaching excerpt

What is Real Equality?


IKRC Grand Canyon - a special place

family album

Kadampas in France


international kadampa family online

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videos from the home front

claire, france

Rhys, age 7, Wales

photo stories

mayara, brasil

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Thank you. It is so wonderful. Such powerful blessings and beautiful teachings.

It has made us question our practice and want to improve. Be better Kadampas, show a good example.

mini kadampa family, menorca

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We are deeply rejoicing seeing everyone enjoying this festival and accumulating so much merit.

May we be able to accomplish the eight steps to happiness and help all living beings

Here is a picture of our mini Kadampa family!

nada, germany


Through all the Teachings of the Three Jewels you show us the nightmare in which we are imprisoned.

You give us a great opportunity to start creating the wish to practice pure Buddha Dharma so we can wake up from this sleep of ignorance.

May I repay this good fortune for the sake of all kind mother sentient beings. Humbly I prostrate

kelsang khandro, chile


Sharing tsog offerings with sangha friends at the mother center


KMC France & KBC Sukhavati Querétaro





There are two sentences from the teachings that particularly resonate in my mind :

'Everywhere I go, I am the least precious, others are the most precious.'

'May I accept defeat and offer victory to others.'

The powerful explanation given by Gen-la Dekyong clarified and deepened my understanding of the why and how of Training the Mind in general, and of these two sentences in particular.

Gen-la explained logically how with our pure intention to attain enlightenment we impute with wisdom. We can do this because we are receiving perfect instructions and have access to the most powerful blessings to gain Kadampa realisations swiftly in this short life.

Genla 's teachings for me are so beautiful and so inspiring. I feel my inner energies have renewed and grown.

With this clearer understanding, a determination to practice with regard to all beings:  'I am the least precious, you are the most precious ', and,  'I accept defeat and offer the victory to others' appears with my mind with joy.

In the Oral Instructions of Mahamudra about the practice of subsequent attainment , Geshe-la tells us, 'We should develop and hold this profound knowledge day and night , never allowing ourself to forget it . '

So I will keep trying, to the best of my ability, with pure intention and mindfulness, putting the precious instructions of my Root Guru into practice .

With profound gratitude to all enlightened beings and to all sentient beings

Kelsang Shigye, France

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