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29 July 2020

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Day 7 ~ taking to heart

imagine the truth

During the last few days of teaching we enjoyed five powerful sessions of meditation with Gen Rabten. Yesterday, to conclude the first week of the Festival, we began three days of retreat with Gen Losang to take the teachings to heart and mix our mind with the sublime practice of the Yoga of Buddha Amitayus.

Gen Losang introduced the retreat on the Yoga of Buddh Amitayus with the following words:

"First we need to cease, to stop, the appearance of the things that we normally see - our self that we normally see, our mind and body that we normally see - because these are all mistaken appearances.

"Imagine our ordinary appearance of our ordinary environment, our ordinary gross body - imagine the truth that these are just mistaken appearances. And dissolve all these mistaken appearances into the vast space of emptiness. We simply believe, ‘My root mind, my very subtle mind, is meditating on the mere absence of all the things that I normally see.'

"Our own mind, our very subtle mind, is the nature of great bliss and what appears to our mind is the mere absence of everything we normally see or perceive. 

A feeling of great bliss mixes inseparably with this vast space of emptiness and one part of our mind identifies this union of bliss and emptiness: 'I am Truth Body Amitayus'. And we simply hold this recognition without distraction."

And we have two more days of this!

festival podcast

Developing Humility

Developing Humility
Gen-la Dekyong

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The Three Main Benefits

relying upon the dharma protector

Yesterday, the 29th day of the month, was Protector Day, which we celebrated with a special Wishfulfilling Jewel Puja in the evening.

At the Mother Center in the days before the puja, a beautiful, fresh set of tormas for Dorje Shugden Five Lineages and their retinues was prepared and installed in the shrine of the Kadampa Temple for World Peace.

video wall

teaching excerpt

The Wisdom of Humility


The story of the Kadampa Bell

family album

Kadampas in Chile


international kadampa family online

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videos from the home front

sandra, chile

sarah, uk

photo stories

kelsang tumo, uk


Thank you so much to Venerable Geshe-la, Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong and everyone involved in the online festivals.

For the past two years I have been caring for my elderly parents and it has been difficult to attend festivals so I am really enjoying the online festival. I feel very blessed and inspired.

Even our dog Chico joins in. He comes into my room when the teachings are on and leaves after the dedication prayers.

With love, heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

kelsang janglam, brasil


During the week, here at KMC Rio, each resident has a different routine and so we cannot gather in the meditation room to watch the teachings together. So I watch on my laptop in front of my shrine.

aurore & marou, canada

image1 (4)

While I was preparing the tea offering for Geshe-La, he was waiting for me, peacefully in the company of the Buddhas. Fortunate little Kadampa cat!

kelsang lobma, germany

1-PICTURE summer festival

So rejoicing in our opportunity to attend summer festival despite the pandemic and other hindrances

Thank you !!!

erwan, france

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-28 at 14.20.33

Coffee break on the Chateau's terrace. We can hear the joyful comments of many Kadampas. This is so inspiring!

nadia, usa


I am so inspired by Genla Dekyong’s teachings and encouragement to take the teachings to heart and practice cherishing others, humility and respect for others.

We definitely need this!!! Thank you!

at the centers

KMC Barcelona & Tharpaland KMC




Dear Venerable Geshe-la and dear precious Kadampa family,

We were encouraged right at the beginning of the Festival to imagine that we are actually sitting in the Temple while we are receiving the teachings online.

When I did this there came a warm, expansive feeling - as if the whole world was in the Temple. Or had become a Temple with all the connections and networks like arteries bringing nourishment to even the most distant places, most isolated people.

Drawing us all close and including everyone inside this vast international inner space. appearing as this worldwide wisdom miracle is borne from your heart Venerable Geshe-la, our dear, kind Spiritual Teacher. Whoever thought we would have such huge, amazing good fortune for this to happen.

Thank you everyone for all being here together in this beautiful way. Thank you too Geshe-la for praying for us and our families.

May we be inspired to repay your kindness by taking the teachings to heart and putting into practice what each one of us needs right now for the sake of the dear people of our troubled world.

Helen, UK

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