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23 July 2020

Banner Festival Summer

Day 1~ The Joy of a Kadampa Life

Welcome to the 2020 International Summer Festival Online!

Through the great kindness of our Founder, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, over 5,000 people from every corner of the globe will tune in today to take part in the  2020 International Summer Festival Online. As with all Kadampa events, everyone is welcome regardless of age, nationality or culture.

Tonight, Friday at 7.30pm UK time, Gen Kelsang Rabten will introduce the Festival and guide us through the delights of the many sessions of empowerment, teachings meditation and retreat that lie ahead.

In the meantime, please listen to today's inspiring Festival Pod with Gen Rabten to get into the Festival spirit!

festival podcast

Festival Begins!

Gen Rabten
Gen Rabten
Festival Begins!

How to get the most out of this wonderful event

truly international event

Besides being the first online International Summer Festival, 2020 is also the first International Festival presented from multiple locations - Manjushri KMC in the UK, IKRC Grand Canyon in Arizona, and KMC New York City! What a testament to the vision of Venerable Geshe-la and the sophistication of the International Kadampa Buddhist Union.

For the viewer the transition from one location to another will be seamless, and each session will appear in the video player at the listed time. All sessions will remain online until midnight UK time August 25 and can be accessed from the program schedule on the main Festival Page.

video wall

teaching excerpt

imagine you are in the temple


Urban Kadampas ~ Practicing in a busy city

family album

Live Streaming in Melbourne


international kadampa family online

Share your videos, photos, stories and insights from the teachings and meditations
Send your submissions to share@kadampafestivals.org

videos from the home front

Serena, UK

Kelsang Tharden & Victoria, US

photo stories

Marx, brasil

Marx Xavier

I am strongly looking forward to receiving the blessings and teachings of this Festival. This year due to our good fortune we are going to have the opportunity to participate in all three International Festivals. There is nothing more meaningful that I can do in 2020.

I have heard people saying that 2020 is a 'lost year' in our lives, but for me, it has been incredible. Thank you Venerable Geshe-la.

Andrea, Spain


In our loving Kadampa community, language is not a barrier, instead it is another way to cherish others.

El lenguaje no es una barrera en nuestra amorosa comunidad kadampa, por el contrario es otra forma de estimar a los demás.




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You just can’t prevent the sense of excitement growing in your mind as the Summer Festival countdown begins. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or you fifteenth, every Festival seems fresh and full of anticipation.

There is always something new, something to hear you have never heard before. Maybe just a penny dropping at last, some insight gained from a teaching, some stability in your practice from meditation and retreat.

The teachings might feel familiar but are never the same as before. In Festival Time you see and hear differently. Everything is in 20-20. Just perfect.

2020 is the first Summer Festival online, but none the less for that. It is still, for me, THE occasion to re-charge my depleted spiritual batteries. And with two Gen-las and two empowerments – Amitayus and Tara – you can guarantee your blessings will be supercharged.

I don’t feel technology dilutes the bonds of Dharma friendship - with those you know and those you have yet to meet. Distance is no object. Online is fine. So for two special weeks wifi’s and mobile data around the world will be buzzing with blessings, landlines with love. I’m already tingling with spiritual electricity – 5 - 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 …

Jeff, UK


I’m really looking forward to the NKT Summer Festival 2020.  There’s something that you get from the Festivals every year which you just don’t find anywhere else! 

I think it’s easy for most of us to start to feel a little flat in our spiritual practice from time to time, no matter how sincerely we try, and the Festivals are the perfect antidote.  The special boost and powerful encouragement they provide is indispensable; they’re such a skilful and kind gift from Venerable Geshe la! I think now in particular, facing this unusual situation, we all really need this.

Before the Spring Festival, I didn’t know how it could work online, but it was such an amazing experience: coming together with our Sangha family all around the world, listening to and meditating on holy Kadam Dharma, as if Buddha was really there with you, in your house! 

I think it’s just incredible that the virus hasn’t prevented us from receiving the blessing of the Festivals; it’s even allowing many people who couldn’t otherwise have made the trip to Manjushri KMC to take part. 

This is really Venerable Geshe la transforming adverse conditions, bringing benefit to the world through his teachings, and I can’t wait!

Gen Jigme, UK

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