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24 July 2020

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Day 2 ~ immeasurable life

"There are so many firsts in this Festival, and there is so much we will receive. This is the most accessible Festival we have ever had.”  With these words Gen Rabten introduced the Summer Festival 2020, whetting our appetite with a menu of delights that lie ahead over the next two weeks.

Today is a special day.

We begin with two meditations led by Gen Rabten to prepare our mind, and especially our motivation, to receive the life empowerment of Buddha Amitayus from Gen-la Dekyong this afternoon.

The day ends with an Offering to the Spiritual Guide puja with a special dedication for the long life of the holy Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, and the fulfillment of all his wishes.

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Where Do Our Tendencies Come From

Where Do Our Tendencies Come From
Gen Rabten

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Considering the Possibility of Previous Lives

special announcement from KMC Spain

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teaching excerpt

What is Luck?


The immeasurable joy of immortality

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Everything's gonna be ok


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Kelsang Roma, Germany

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Natalia, Colombia


I'm so happy because I am going to receive the Amitayus empowerment for the first time!

Aurore, Canada

The shrine, offerings: everything is ready for the festival opening! I am so happy to meet Buddha Amitayus this Saturday! To all kadampa all around the world: have a wonderful festival!

Tiphaine, France


I'm really looking forward to our big family reunion, and reading everyone's stories on the festival diaries!



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As Summer Festival 2020 approached I felt the same happy anticipation as if I were about to attend in person. That joyful excitement of diving into a feast of Dharma that has not diminished since my first festival 20 years ago.

In the first moments of our online summer festival we approach Manjushri Centre and circle the temple in stunning arial footage. Beautifully evoking that familiar feeling of travelling to the festival, leaving behind ordinary life and entering into a spiritual world.

Once again due to the nature of our online festival, I and everyone participating has a front row seat, up close and personal as we look into the mirror of Dharma.

Gen Rabten seems so happy, joyful and enthusiastic with a warm welcoming smile as he explains the spiritual riches we will receive during the festival.

He explains how the teachings this year are so practical, so relevant and how this is the most accessible festival we have ever had. How we will benefit at a life changing level as we gain important life tools; to be calmer, more peaceful and more able to be a positive influence in our family and community.

His teaching on basic Buddhist view include extremely engaging explanations of reincarnation and karma using logic, reason and humour.

His stories are encouraging and his analogies give us new clarity in our understanding of these profound topics. Many phrases stand out. When someone criticises us "they are a cog in our karma returning." Karma is 'like a boomerang', if we react negatively we send it on its way once again only for it to return one day.

We need to become 'a gardener of future lives'. 'Growing happiness in the field of our mind and weeding out the seeds of future suffering. '

He finishes by encouraging us that if we understand the problem we can do something about it, in Venerable Geshe-la's words:

"By practising the Buddhist path to liberation and enlightenment, however, we can destroy self-grasping thereby liberating ourself from the cycle of uncontrolled rebirth and attaining the state of perfect peace and freedom. We will then be in a position to help others to do the same."

How fortunate we are!

Gen Tubchen, UK


It never ceases to amaze me how readily our tradition can adapt to changes in the world.

When the centres first went into lockdown the prospects for receiving teachings seemed pretty bleak, but within hours live-streamed teachings were appearing in our homes. That was impressive.

But now, with this Festival it seems we have gone beyond simply transforming adversity into the path, we have turned the situation from a potential obstacle into a HUGE benefit.

Presenting an International Festival from three different locations over two weeks in ten languages is a mark of true sophistication in an any organisation - but especially one that relies largely on voluntary help and has never done such a thing before!

To my mind this magic can only have come about as a result of the powerful blessings of our precious Spiritual Guide.

And my imagination runs wild wondering where we will be in a few months time. So many doors have been opened. So many possibilities to benefit others have appeared.

Thank you Venerable Geshe-la!

James, UK



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