30 June 2020

See the joy in the faces

A compassionate response to a crisis

Venerable Geshe-la has always encouraged us to transform adversity into our spiritual path, and perhaps nothing illustrates this better than the way Kadampas around the world,  through following Venerable Geshe-la's advice, have responded to the current COVID-19 crisis.

Though many centers are temporarily closed and thousands of Kadampas are under lockdown, more and more people are meeting Kadam Dharma as it is streamed directly into their homes.

They are benefiting directly from a compassionate response that has arisen from the inconceivable kindness in the heart of the Venerable Spiritual Guide.

This weekend the Kadampa Center in Vila Velhar Brasil hosted an online empowerment of Thousand Armed Avalokiteshvara granted by Gen Kelsang Janglam the Resident Teacher at CMK Rio de Janeiro.

"Social isolation brought everyone together virtually, in a ceremony that was very beautiful, deep and inspiring, showing how Dharma keeps us connected even though we are physically far from each other.

"Many people sent photos of themselves participating at home. Thank you to everyone who participated."

Just look at the joy in the faces in these photos to see the power of the holy Spiritual Guide to touch the hearts of people everywhere, regardless of the circumstances, - not to mention the powerful blessings all the pets receive!