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16 May 2020

Practicing the holy secret in Arizona

IKRC Grand Canyon recently enjoyed two weekends with Gen-la Kelsang Jampa, Resident Teacher and Deputy Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU.

On the first weekend Gen-la granted the empowerment of Wisdom Buddha Manjushri and teachings on the holy secret of exchanging self with others. The following weekend he led a short retreat on self-generation as Buddha Manjushri.

Referring mainly to How to Trasform Your Life by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, Gen-la taught from the wisdom perspective how to overcome our self cherishing by realizing that the self we normally see does not exist.

Though only a handful of residents could attend in the Temple, hundreds joined the event online.


Thus, whoever wants to swiftly protect
Both themselves and others
Should practise this holy secret
Of exchanging self with others.

“In these times of quarantine it has been a major fortune and privilege to be able to feel such protection of wisdom from my Guru through the clear, simple and profound teachings given by Gen-la Jampa. I will be forever grateful and motivated to put them into practice."

"Such a beautiful retreat. The commentary to the practice and the meditations were very helpful. Many thanks for your kindness last weekend and today!"

"Being in the temple with Gen-la Jampa and other Kadampas, even digitally, is a real lifeline right now. I really feel I'm actually there together with everyone. The meditations led by Gen-la had a big impact on my heart and really made me pause and slow down in a good way."

"There were so many moments when new connections were made when things clicked. Thanks so much for such clear and profound teachings."