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05 May 2020

Clearing obstructions to our pure nature

KMC Hong Kong recently finished their first live stream special event.

Over 150 fortunate ones received Buddha Vajrasattva empowerment and teachings on purification from Gen Tonglam, which is so practical and helpful in this challenging time.

Heartfelt thanks you to Gen Tonglam, all the kind volunteers and everyone who joined. Even though we are physically apart, we are closely connected by our faith in the Three Jewels.


"Amidst the craziness that the pandemic has wreaked in the world, we feel very blessed to rely on the teachings of Venerable Geshe-la as conveyed by Gen Tonglam in the empowerment and retreat, giving us hope and power in the midst of despair."

"I am amazed at how powerful the blessing empowerment felt, given that it is via online streaming! So grateful to Gen Tonglam and the Centre for arranging this. May everyone become Guru Vajrasattva!"

"This is my first time receiving an online empowerment. There is no obstruction, its just as if I received the empowerment at the Centre. Heartfelt thanks you to Gen Tonglam and the sanghas for making this happen."

"It felt as if Gen Tonglam was Guru Vajrasattva directly granting us the precious empowerment and the powerful purification method."

"I am very happy to receive this purification empowerment together with my new born daughter. I am amazed we can receive such an auspicious and meaningful teaching on purification via live streaming during the pandemic. Thank you to Gen Tonglam for providing a clear commentary to the practice."

"Thank you to Gen Tonglam and the Centre. I have a much clearer understanding that all my suffering such as discontent towards my loved ones or the fear of losing them come from the non-virtuous actions that I had done in the past. I will remember suffering so as to remind myself to stop grasping, connect with my completely pure nature, and purify with a joyful mind."