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03 November 2019

a beautiful dependent relationship

Yesterday, International Temples Day was celebrated at Kadampa centers all round the world, as we shall soon see from the news roundup.

When we watch the inspiring video about all the World Peace Temples, city Temples, statues, books and much more that are appearing under the auspices of the International Temples Project, we may wonder where the money comes from.

In today's video, which is an excerpt from a teaching she gave at the opening of the Kadampa World Peace Temple Grand Canyon, Gen-la Dekyong explains how it comes in large part from the fees we pay when we attend Festivals, Dharma Celebrations, and courses at our local center.

A beautiful dependent relationship
Through the inconceivable kindness and skill of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, there now exists in this world a beautiful dependent relationship - by attending Festivals, Dharma Celebrations and local courses we are providing the funds to build more Temples, and the more Temples that are built, the more people can attend these Festivals, Dharma Celebrations and courses.

How magical!