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06 July 2019

What are the teachers studying?

'I am so happy to be able to enjoy ITTP 2019 and deeply grateful for the holy emanations of my supremely kind Guru- the holy Teacher, holy Dharma and holy Sangha! How fortunate we are!'
Gen-la Kunsang
KMC Edinburgh

'ITTP is a time when teachers can feel like students once more and help each other improve our practical understanding of Dharma. The teachings are light and encouraging yet directly challenge our ordinary minds. Everyone is equal no matter which centre they teach at or how long they have been teaching. The feeling of family and friendship pervades the whole experience. It’s a wonderful time to be together at our spiritual home sharing the nectar of Dharma.'
Kelsang Tsangpa
KMC Plymouth

During the three weeks of the 2019 Intensive Teacher Training Programme at Manjushri KMC, the Teachers are studying Modern Buddhism by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

Each day there is one or more teaching class with Gen-la Khyenrab who gives the transmission of the pages assigned for that day and explains the essential points. This session concludes with discussion in pairs.

Three times a week there is a Teaching Skills class at which two Teachers give a short teaching, which is then assessed by peer review.

After every third teaching there is group discussion led by two Teachers selected at random. This alternates with memorisation assessment in which the Teachers test each other's memorisation of the text.

In the evenings they come together again for puja in the Temple.

This schedule is repeated for six days each week, with Thursdays being a free day.

The course will conclude with a written exam.