News roundup, july 7, 2019

A chance to catch up on some of the other news stories from recent days



The 2019 Fall Festival is fast approaching and the website has had a makeover to include the new book, The Mirror of Dharma with Additions, which has now been published.

Meanwhile, work on the Temple is progressing rapidly, with the Dharma Wheel now installed and the golden glass fitted to the lantern.

The whole site is alive with teams of people working hard to get everything ready for the Temple Opening and the Festival.


Blue sky and high tide, a perfect time to launch the drone at Manjushri KMC to take fresh shots for the brochure and website.

Festival preparations have already started with enthusiastic teams cleaning the marquees and clearing the grounds.

See you here soon!



At KMC Hong Kong, 82 people enjoyed the Blissful Wisdom Meditation Retreat with Gen Tonglam, Resident Teacher at KMC Hong Kong and National Spiritual Director of Hong Kong, Taiwan & Philippines.

'Thank you to Gen Tonglam for guiding us step by step through all the essential meditations of the Vajrayogini practice.'


As part of their program of offering facilities for centers to organise their own group retreats, Kailash IRC recently hosted a retreat by Nalanda Centre in Lucerne.

Kelsang Jampel guided four days of meditation on the Heart Jewel Sadhana. There was plenty of time between sessions to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

KMC taiwan

This weekend Gen Kelsang Tonglam taught a weekend course entitled The Calm in the Midst of Storm at KMC Taiwan.

In the afternoon of the last day the center organised a Meditation and Hiking session, which despite the heat, was a great success. Gen Tonglam also led the meditations for this event.

kmc southampton

Last weekend, Kadam Lucy James, Resident Teacher at KMC Colorado, gave a public talk and led a meditation on Silencing the Inner Critic at KMC Southampton.

KMC glasgow

Over 140 people packed into KMC Glasgow’s city temple recently to welcome former KMC Glasgow Resident Teacher Gen Zamling for a course on How to Enjoy Meditation.

Gen Zamling, who is now Resident Teacher at KMC Chicago, was on his way to Manjushri KMC where he is spending five weeks on the Intensive Teacher Training Program and attending the 2019 Summer Festival.