Tharpa Chile


Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche continuously turns the Wheel of Dharma throughout the world through his books - distributing wisdom to all people equally.

On this auspicious day, Tharpa Chile has launched its website, making it easier for people in Chile and throughout South America to access Venerable Geshe-la's books and other Tharpa products.

As Kelsang Sudhana, Admin Director of KMC Chile says:

'We are very happy with this great development for Chile. Now many Chileans will be closer to Venerable Geshe-la's books and so will have more opportunities to transform their lives through the teachings of Buddha.'

Jorge Muñoz- worked in Tharpa since 2018

"Any work I can do in Tharpa gives me the satisfaction of being able to reach many people, not just with physical books, but also with the information within the book that will transform their lives.

I like to work in the Tharpa store because I have the opportunity to be in contact with people and advise them about which book to start studying and with which to continue deepening their understanding. In this way they can improve their connection with Dharma. Tharpa Chile offers a great opportunity for the Sangha to be strengthened and grow."

Alejandra Taboada worked in Tharpa since 2019

"Working in Tharpa has been a source of joy - of rejoicing, to be able to contribute as much as possible so that the Dharma flourishes in Chile and South America. What I like most is that this work allows me to be closer to the teachings of Geshe-la and to share more closely with the Sangha. "

There are several practitioners who are helping this project. Read what they have to say about this precious work:

Cristian Arancibia - worked in Tharpa since 2015

"It has been an enriching experience, very positive for me, I am very grateful to be able to help more people attain experience of the teachings. What I like most is to be close to the books, contemplate them, organize them and take care of them. Tharpa Chile will now allow people to access the Dharma more easily. Working in Tharpa is the best job in the world! "

Paola Cisterna - worked in Tharpa since 2017

"What I like about working in Tharpa is thinking that the Dharma is reaching many people and that through connecting with the books, they connect with Geshe-la. I love thinking about Geshela's wish to reach all people, To work in Tharpa is to work on Geshe-la's wish, and that motivates me a lot. I have worked cleaning the store, organising the warehouse, and labelling the prices. These are all wonderful activities that help the Dharma spread and reach different regions. We need to reach everywhere Geshe-la´s books can touch people's hearts. It is fascinating work. Tharpa Chile is a project that has great power to spread Dharma in this country and in South America. I am very, very happy to have this opportunity. "