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30 May 2019

Deepening our conviction in the law of karma

The Festival goers have departed, either to their homes or to one of the many post-Festival retreats organised by Kadampa centers around the world.

All the marquees and tents are down and everything has been put away. If it were not for the patches of yellow where the marquees once stood, it would be difficult to believe that 1,600 people had just spent the best part of a week at Manjushri KMC enjoying a truly wonderful Festival.

A big thank you to everyone who attended and to everyone who worked so hard to make the Festival such a great success.

As a reminder of this magical event, please enjoy this video of Gen Rabten introducing the retreat at the end of the Festival.

NKT-IKBU - New Kadampa - South America - KBC Uruguay -DSCF4328

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