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23 February 2019


We recently reported on the activities of the Tharpa Publications UK team down in the warehouse as they despatched literally thousands of Dharma books and other items across the world.

Today we look at the ’upstairs’ team who design and produce the books, process the orders and oversee the marketing strategies.

Dedicated team
You will find them in a humble office tucked away in the middle of Manjushri KMC - a small team of mainly volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that people all over the world receive the books and other Tharpa items they request. Last year this dedicated team processed over 6,500 individual orders.

A Teacher for our time
The year-on-year increase in orders and new accounts reflects the rapidly growing interest in the works of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

More and more people are discovering that Venerable Geshe-la offers meaningful answers to their questions and practical solutions to their problems - answers and solutions that cannot be found elsewhere. Venerable Geshe-la is in every respect a Teacher for our time.

Special dedication
It would be easy working in a semi-commercial environment to treat the work like any other job and approach it with ordinary attitudes and motivations.

But as Manuel Rivero-De'Martine the Director of Tharpa UK says, ‘It is such meaningful work. Even in our busiest times we strive to treat each order as a Dharma request, a request from an individual to receive the precious Dharma advice that Venerable Geshe-la has given to our world.’

That's special!

Tharpa International
Tharpa UK is part of Tharpa International, a worldwide network of offices producing and distributing the works of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche in many languages. To find out more, visit Tharpa's website and choose your region.

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