06 November 2018


Branching out in Bogotá

KMC Colombia recently began to extend its reach in the Bogotá area with a phased programme of public talks eventually leading to four new branches around the city - in Niza, Cedritos, Teusaquillo, and Cajicá. These talks are also given in the main center in Chapinero.

The talks are given by the Resident Teacher Kelsang Sangton. The first round, which has just been completed was entitled, ‘Amar sin sufrir,’ or ‘Love without pain,’ and was a great success.

As a preliminary promotion, Kelsang Shinchog gave a talk to the parents at a major school in Bogotá, which was well received and generated considerable interest in the programme of public talks.

Kelsang Sangton will give a public talk each month in each location until next March. The next series will be entitled ‘Vivir sin miedo"’ or ‘Living without fear,’

Once established, the branch classes will be taught by senior students from the center studying under Kelsang Sangton, with whom they also train in special teaching skills classes designed specifically for this project.

If the project is successful, it is planned to repeat it in other parts of Colombia outside the Bogotá area.

Enjoy these wonderful photos and delight in the sheer joy of sharing Kadam Dharma. they exude.

For more information on KMC Colombia and its activities visit: meditacionencolombia.org