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KMC Florida

KMC Florida is a relaxed and flourishing meditation Center situated on 1.6 acres in the heart of Sarasota, a beautiful city on the Florida West Coast that is known as “the cultural capital of Florida”. The center organizes many classes, special courses and retreats with Gen Kelsang Demo, the Resident Teacher at KMC Florida, as well as other Teachers.

See an artist’s impression of future Kadampa city temple for world peace in the picture above.

First-ever Kadampa City Temple in the traditional design

In the near future, construction will begin on the first Kadampa City Temple for World Peace built to the traditional design in the Western world. As you can see from the artist’s impression, this stunning new building will make an inspiring addition to Sarasota, Florida, and the New Kadampa Tradition.

The Temple will be approximately 3000 sq feet, and include the meditation room and shrine, a Teacher’s area, and a veranda. It will be decorated with all the usual ornaments and features to be found on the magnificent large Temples for World Peace (at Manjushri KMC, KMC New York, and KMC Brazil).

It will be joined by a covered walkway to a new 2000 sq foot multi-purpose meeting room, bookstore, office, and library. Once the Temple is built, the 2000 sq foot existing house presently being used for classes and residents will convert entirely to residential use.

Once the Temple is built, the surrounding land will be landscaped to the best tropical flora and fauna that Florida has to offer, creating many restful areas for people to come for relaxation and reflection. There are also plans to offer World Peace Café facilities both inside the new meeting room and outside in the grounds.

The Community

The Center is supported by a warm and dedicated community of students who have been very kind in raising the funds to buy the site and get it ready for the Temple, and who continue to work hard to make KMC Florida’s events and activities possible. There is also a close family connection with all the other Kadampa Centers in Florida, who meet together regularly for big courses and events.

For visitors who wish to help out while at the Center, many volunteer opportunities are available. Varied tasks include landscaping, painting, cooking, gardening, office work, statue filling, sewing and more. Once the Temple is built, there will also be more room for more residents.

Everyone is welcome to visit and enjoy a meaningful vacation in Florida!

Visit the KMC Florida website


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