29 May 2024

International Spring Festival 2024 diaries


Accomplishing the Great Wisdom Protection

Dorje Shugden Empowerment and teachings
on the Extensive Protector Puja

May 24 - 29, 2024

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Day 5 ~ Retreat

A beautiful day of retreat guided by Gen Tonglam, with five sessions of meditation using Heart Jewel prayers drawing us closer and closer to Dorje Shugden.  The retreat gives us time to meditate on the teachings and bring everything we have learned together into our practice of Heart Jewel. Gen Tonglam takes us on an inner journey step by step through some of the essential teachings from the Festival, giving helpful encouragement and advice on how to practice.  


Deepening our understanding


In the first two sessions we focus on vizualisation, giving us precious time to build up a mental picture of Dorje Shugden's extensive mandala and allow it to come alive internally. In the afternoon we focus on creating the inner conditions to receive Dorje Shugden's blessings, special care and protection, and also on the heart commitments of Kadampa Buddhism.
In this way we deepen our connection with our Spiritual Guide and with Dorje Shugden, and this confidence and faith inspires us and deepens our determination to practice Dharma purely.

Between sessions there is a special retreat atmosphere. People are enjoying mental peace and continuing to contemplate the teachings or discuss with others in the beautiful grounds of Manjushri KMC.

We finish the day by making requests and engaging in mantra recitation. Now we are ready to receive Dorje Shugden's blessings tomorrow when we engage in Melodious Drum to complete the Festival.



Deities of the 5 Lineages

What people said

"Its been a really lovely experience because up until now Dorje Shugden has always been on the periphery for me. Now it's like actually being introduced to him and then discovering he's been there all the time."


"I loved the detail, and the wonderful, clear explanations. Gentle but powerful!"


"For me it's just been absolutely joyous, knowing about being in the mandala with Geshe-la and Dorje Shugden, and that is going to be at the foremost of my practice going home."


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