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14 April 2024

NKT Day Celebrations 2024 ~ Part 2

To celebrate NKT Day this year, Kadampa Centers in Spain opened their doors with special events. Nine of them shared their celebrations. See this post and get inspired! See Part 1 of this post here.

KMC Spain

On the first weekend of April, at KMC Spain, we celebrated NKT Day with Wishfulfilling Jewel prayers with tsog. Then, a newly released video revealing the development of Kadam Dharma in South America was shown. Afterward, our Resident Teacher, Gen Chokga, gave an inspiring talk about Venerable Geshe-la and the importance of his work. We concluded the lovely day with a banquet of sweet and savory treats, all in the company of Sangha friends.

KMC Bilbao

KMC Madrid

This year's NKT Day Celebration was a wonderful experience. More than 50 people participated in an Open Day full of surprises and very meaningful shared moments.

Our urban centre of Malasaña, in the heart of Madrid, was the scene of emotional moments such as the viewing together of the new NKT video about the flourishing of Dharma in South America, Sangha reunions, a presentation of Kadampa Buddhism by our Resident Teacher Gen Tsongmo, free guided meditations, tea and cakes, questions and answers and finally a raffle, the main prizes being a Dharma book, a class with the Resident Teacher and a meditation and dinner for two!

In the evening, at La Sierra Centre, we engaged in Wishfulfilling Jewel prayers with tsog. How wonderful to have these opportunities to remember how fortunate we are to have found Dharma and to be able to help others to be liberated and happy! Thank you so much, dear Geshe-la!

KMC Granada

KMC Barcelona

Reflecting on the profound journey of Dharma's growth in Central and South America filled our hearts with joy and gratitude. We watched an inspiring video showcasing this remarkable development. Then we participated in special prayers, The Hundreds of Deities of the Joyful Land According to Highest Yoga Tantra, and recited our Guru's mantra. All activities we dedicated to peace, wisdom, and compassion in this world.

We will continue nurturing the seeds of wisdom and compassion in our hearts, spreading the light of Dharma far and wide. Thank you Geshe-la!

KMC Mallorca

At KMC Mallorca, we celebrated NKT Day by opening our doors and inviting everyone to enjoy the benefits of meditation and to get to know us. Our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Rigma, guided us through a meditation that filled the visitors with peace and happiness, and she explained how, thanks to the compassion of our Spiritual Guide, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, Dharma spreads throughout the world.

Watching the video about the development of Kadam Dharma throughout Central and South America has been inspiring. We ended the day with Wishfulfilling Jewel prayers.

KMC Sevilla

We celebrated at KMC Sevilla with a special course, after which we enjoyed lunch. In the afternoon, we screened the special video that NKT had prepared about the development of Dharma in Central and South America.

We ended the beautiful and emotional day with Wishfulfilling Jewel prayers with tsog. We are so happy that Kadam Dharma can reach many parts of the world and delighted to be part of this meaningful work coming from the heart of Venerable Geshe-la!

Heruka KBC Alicante

In the early afternoon at Heruka KBC Alicante, we watched the video prepared by the NKT about the development of Kadam Dharma in Central and South America. Afterward, we had a question-and-answer session with our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Ganden. New people asked questions about the tradition, and some students shared how Kadam Dharma was changing their lives; it was very inspiring. To end the event, we shared a dinner at the Center.

Thank you, Geshe-la!

Avalokiteshvara KBC Huelva

We share with you some images from our celebration of this auspicious day. To commemorate NKT Day, we organized a special program at Avalokiteshvara KBC Huelva. We celebrated with the screening of a feature video, Offering to the Spiritual Guide prayers, a talk, and dinner with our community; it's been a wonderful day!


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