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09 April 2024

Finding Refuge in Buddhist Teachings

At the end of March, KMC New York City welcomed over 150 participants for their special event, the Refuge Vow Ceremony. On the same weekend, Kadam Dharma was taught for the first time in Punta del Este; the event was organized by the recently opened KBC Mahamudra in Uruguay.

Refuge Ceremony at KMC New York City

On the last weekend of March, over 150 New Yorkers gathered together for 'Refuge from the Storm,' a special refuge ceremony and teachings from Kadam Morten, the Resident Teacher at KMC New York City. He explained how we can practically go for refuge every day of our lives. Through learning to do this, that we can develop inner protection from suffering and establish the foundation needed to progress along the spiritual path to liberation and enlightenment!

During by a day retreat organized a week later, participants dove deeper into this magical practice of refuge. Enjoy these pictures of Saturday, including our party afterward. Thanks to everyone who joined us for this wonderful event.


At the end of March, a group of fortunate participants had the opportunity to listen to the teachings of Kadampa Buddhism in Punta del Este, Uruguay. These special teachings were given in this tourist city for the first time. Many people from the city and surrounding areas enjoyed this peaceful afternoon.

A sense of harmony and inspiration filled this beautiful environment as Kelsang Sheyang, the Resident Teacher of KBC Mahamudra, shared teachings about how to let go of negative emotions through meditation.

May Kadam Dharma flourish in Uruguay!

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