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02 February 2024

Vajradaka Burning Offerings

A special Purification Practice

Manjushri KMC, KMC Spain, KMC Mexico, IKRC Menorca , and Compassion KBC were among the centers concluding their January counting retreats with Vajradaka burning offerings. The Vajradaka Burning Offering is a potent method for purifying negative actions, that can done for ourself and on behalf of others, including the deceased.

Manjushri KMC – The Mother Center

At Manjushri KMC, participants concluded a very powerful close retreat collecting 100,000 recitations of our Guru’s name mantra. Participants were so happy and blessed to have had the opportunity to engage in this close retreat with the General Spiritual Director Gen-la Dekyong, in the first Kadampa Temple for world peace. The retreat culminated in the Vajradaka burning offering.

Thank you to Venerable Geshe-la and to Gen-la Dekyong for giving us this retreat.

KMC Spain

We concluded the beautiful January retreat “Supreme Ocean of Infinite Fortune” with the fire offering to Vajradaka.  We have spent the entire month of January drawing closer to our Guru with the recitation of his name mantra. At the conclusion everyone attended the wonderful Vajradaka burning offering, purifying the faults committed in the retreat and our negative karma, with the fire of Vajradaka.

We are very happy and excited to have had this rare opportunity.

Thank you to all the people who have made this extraordinary event possible.

KMC Mexico

Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka 2024 close retreat was guided by Gen Sangden.

Nineteen fortunate modern Kadampa disciples concluded the close retreat at Kadampa Mexico. There, they completed the recitation of 100,000 mantras, and concluded with 10,000 Vajradaka mantras as a special burning offering purification practice.

May Kadam Dharma continue to flourish in the hearts of all beings.

IKRC Menorca

After starting the year with the blessings of Buddha Tara, the community at IKRC Menorca entered into a close retreat of Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka this January.

We have received many blessings in the favorable conditions offered by this International Kadampa Retreat Center this January. In this close retreat we first engaged in the main meditation practice, collecting 100,000 of the mantra of Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka, which opened the door for us to receive the inspiring blessings of all the Buddhas.

Secondly, we completed the special purification practice called the Vajradaka Burning Offering.

Compassion KBC, Malaysia

A dedicated group of eight students from Compassion KBC, Malaysia, have successfully completed a close retreat, focusing on the recitation of our Guru's name mantra. Some people engaged in this retreat at the Center and some individually at home. Their journey culminated in the profound Vajradaka burning offering, which is a special purification practice taught by Je Tsongkhapa and one of the nine preliminary practices essential for a successful Tantric retreat.


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