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05 December 2023

Creating a Pure Land in Germany

At the end of November, the German National Festival 2023 was led by the National Spiritual Director of Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and South Africa, Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang. It was a joyful event, concluding with a retreat led by the Resident Teacher of KMC Tharpaland, Gen Kelsang Ananda.

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Our German National Festival 2023 was wonderful and filled with blessings! It started with a strong reminder that we, as modern Kadampa disciples, are incredibly fortunate. We received precious instructions from Gen-la Kunsang on how we can effectively receive profound, special blessings and develop sincere renunciation as a foundation for cultivating great compassion and transforming the world into a Pure Land.

We received the blessing empowerment of Buddha Avalokiteshvara and a commentary on the practice of purifying and transforming the six classes of living beings in conjunction with the practice of Buddha Avalokiteshvara. Gen-la Kunsang also shared valuable advice from Venerable Geshe-la. Miri Renner guided morning meditations, and we concluded with a few sessions of retreat with our Resident Teacher, Gen Ananda.

The days were filled with joy and greatly appreciated by all. It was wonderful to meet again in person, spend time catching up, discussing Dharma, and, for a few days, being a part of a cherishing community of Kadampas from every region of Germany plus a few visiting Swiss Kadampas.

Thank you, Venerable Geshe-la! Thank you, Gen-la Kunsang!


Everyone welcome!

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