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22 October 2023

Post-festival Retreats & events in Spain

Recently, three Kadampa Meditation Centers in Spain—Madrid, Albacete, and Barcelona—concluded their post-festival retreats. KMC Granda also held a special event with Gen-la Kunsang. Join us as we explore the highlights and insights from these gatherings, offering a glance into Spain's thriving Kadampa Buddhist community.

KMC Granada


"On the past Friday, October 13th, we had the great good fortune of receiving the visit of Gen-la Kunsang for the first time in Granada, at the Urban Dream Hotel, where more than 60 people had the opportunity to benefit from the wisdom of Dharma teachings through this great teacher with the public talk "Change your mind, change your world." During the session, she skilfully showed us how by changing the attitude of our mind, we can change the experience of the world we perceive.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

KMC Madrid


Gen Kelsang Rabten, the National Spiritual Director for Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and Resident Teacher at KMC Australia and KMC Sydney guided a four day retreat in KMC Madrid. Based on teachings from the Fall Festival.


"During this weekend at Kadampa Meditation Centre Albacete we have enjoyed the Post-Fall Festival Retreat with Gen Chokga, NKT National Spiritual Director of Spain and Portugal and Resident Teacher of KMC Spain.

She has been a disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso since 1998. Since then, she has benefited hundreds of people with her profound and inspiring teachings.

On Friday we started with the Public Talk 'The Power of Prayer' in which we emphasized the importance of meditation and prayer, received very practical, clear and concise advice on how to improve our formal meditation and on Saturday and Sunday we deepened our experience of the teachings and meditations that were given at the Fall Festival. It was a very special experience."

KMC Barcelona


"  At Kadampa Meditation Centre Barcelona we have enjoyed the Post-Fall Festival Retreat with Kadam Morten, NSD of Eastern USA and Resident Teacher of KMC New York City  

Inspiration and above all confidence in our potential to heal our mind and help others, is what we took away from this wonderful retreat guided by Kadam Morten.

With great skill he guided us all, a beautiful group of spiritual friends of multiple nationalities, through the meditations of the Lamrim and the 11 reversals, meditating on them together with the Medicine Buddha Sadhana, an unforgettable experience.

Gratitude to the whole sangha, about 150 people sharing the vision of Venerable Geshe-la.
Thank you for making it possible."

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