08 October 2023

International Fall Festival 2023 diaries

Medicine Buddha new

Developing a Pure Heart

October 6 - 12, 2023

Empowerment of Medicine Buddha
Teachings on The Eleven Reversals

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Introduction to Medicine Buddha

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The first full day of festival dawns with beautiful skies lightening from behind the stunning mountain ranges that surround the temple.  The location of the temple in such an expansive and uplifting vista adds to the tranquility of being at the festival and to the sense of being outside the ordinary world for a time. There is the feeling that we are approaching a pure world through spiritual friendship, Dharma teachings, and Buddha’s blessings.

Who is medicine Buddha

Day 2 ~ Medicine Buddha empowerment


The day starts with two lovingly guided meditations on faith from Gen Chokga, the National Spiritual Director for Spain and the Resident Teacher at KMC Spain.  This helps us to connect us deeply to the living presence of our Spiritual Guide in our hearts and minds, never forgetting his inconceivable kindness and extra-ordinary qualities.

In the afternoon we receive a sublime Medicine Guru empowerment from Gen-la Khyenrab which includes a profound explanation of emptiness as part of the preparations, and introduces us to all seven Medicine Buddhas, giving us the opportunity to make a deep connection and receive their powerful, healing blessings.

In the cool white of the temple, the vivid blues, reds and pinks of the empowerment shrine stand out and presiding over it all is an exquisite hand painted and gilded 3 foot statue of Medicine Guru, holding a bowl filled with medicine nectars and the stem of a medicinal plant.

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An Explanation of Profound Emptiness

Gen-la Khyenrab
Gen-la Khyenrab
An Explanation of Profound Emptiness

As Shantideva says, please strive to realise that all things are empty like space.

Between sessions people enjoy the various cafes and the relaxing grounds.  Some find shady spots under trees, others enjoy the sunshine, and both children and adults cool off in the pool.  Some people enjoy quiet moments of rest or contemplation while many take the opportunity to catch up with Kadampa friends from all over the world or make new friendships over meaningful conversations and through voluntary work.


Drawing closer to Buddha


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