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24 May 2023

Australian Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Tharpa Australia had a stall at the Sydney Mind, Body, Spirit Festival this weekend. The festival had over 20,000 attendees, all interested in health, wellness and spirituality.

The stall was packed with interested people all weekend, eager for information about Buddhism and meditation, in the end Tharpa sold over 70 books and 100 meditation CDs and KMC Sydney handed out hundreds of flyers for their local centre and branch classes.

It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the Sydney community and find out where people were interested in classes, what issues are on people’s minds and what they are looking for.

This is the 5th time this year that Tharpa have had a presence at Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals around Australia, in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Each time the local centre has helped out and provided information about their centre and classes.

"We learnt that real, unbreakable courage and resilience come from love and that we can develop and grow that love through the mediation on taking"

"Thank you to everyone who came and to our kind volunteers who helped to run the event!"

For more information visit meditateinsydney.org


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