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13 April 2023

What are you expecting?

With the arrival of spring, preparations are under way for an incredible experience that you can't get anywhere else - the Kadampa Spring Festival 2023.

Manjushri KMC is in full bloom and everything is being carefully organized to ensure that thousands of people can come together in complete harmony and live the teachings of Buddha.

Don't miss out! Join this spiritual holiday and witness something you have never seen before.

May 26 - 31, 2023, at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre, UK

Special commentary to the Liberating Prayer & International Refuge Vow Ceremony with Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong.

You can attend this festival in-person or online.


Pathway to the Pure Land

Brazil NKT-Festival_MLB3006

Liberating Blessings in Brazil


My Living Meditation – New Kadampa Blogs

NKT-IKBU_New Kadampa_ Kadampa Slovenia - KMC Ljubljana -IMG_8160

Purification Blessings at KMC Slovenia