04 March 2023

14th anniversary of KMC Monterrey & a special visit from Gen Kelsang Sangden

Last week Kadampa Meditation Centre Monterrey celebrated their annual visit of National Spiritual Director, Gen Kelsang Sangden, with two precious events - a public talk at MARCO museum, an iconic venue in Monterrey city center and an urban retreat that culminated with a party for the 14th anniversary of the center.


"Last Thursday we had a public talk entitled 'We are Travellers' at MARCO museum in Monterrey city center. 200 people attended and listened to teachings about understanding death and its potential. Everyone was very interested and enjoyed the talk."


"On the weekend we had an urban retreat entitled 'A Joyful Life' during which we enjoyed four beautiful sessions with teachings and meditations on karma and how to give true meaning to our life. At the end of the retreat we had a small celebration for the 14th anniversary of our center."


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