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06 February 2023

Retreat Month in New York City

"This past January at Kadampa Meditation Center New York City, the theme was going deeper within while also expanding out into the world. With January already our busiest time of the year, we needed to be crafty about how we could cater to lots of newcomers while simultaneously creating retreat conditions for those wanting to engage in the Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka close retreat. To do this, we had three sessions during the day in our downstairs meditation room and our full program running upstairs (and occasionally in our atrium!) All told, we had close to 1000 people visit us and our branches in January."

"We had many classes with well over 100 people in attendance and we also hosted more than 200 people on NYE and more than 250 people for our special event, How to Heal Your Mind with Kadam Morten.

"16 of us along with Kadam Morten, completed the Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka close retreat in our lower gompa and traveled to a sangha member's home in Brooklyn to complete the Vajradaka burning offering. A further 13 of our sangha completed the close retreat from home.

"Plus, we had 54 students engage in the retreat as a Guru Yoga preliminary guide.

"A deepening and an expanding all at once … and a wonderful blessed start to the New Year. "

For more information visit meditationinnewyork.org


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