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16 October 2022


Welcome to the 2022 Fall Festival

DAY 2 ~ Empowerment


As we entered the Temple to receive the empowerment of Mother Tara, Gen-la's presence on the throne was so reassuring. As she manifestly fulfilled Venerable Geshe-la's wish of continuing his work, we experienced a feeling of continuity rather than discontinuity. Venerable Geshe-la was there with us!

As Gen-la said; "In this world full of suffering, there is hope with Geshe-la."


Tara is always helping us

Gen-la introduced us to Tara as our Spiritual Mother, constantly protecting us from temporary obstacles and finally leading us to permanent inner peace. Because her nature is wind element and because of the karmic connection with people of this world, she can quickly help people who rely upon her with faith.

Tara promise Atisha that she would take care of Kadampas. She gave Atisha the instruction of this empowerment. Tara is helping everybody every day. We can rejoice and see everyone who helps us as Tara’s emanation.

22 Fall Fest Day 2 48

Morning meditations

The first full day of the Festival began with two powerful meditations led by Gen Kelsang Gomlam, Resident Teacher at KMC Madison. In the first, we meditated on discovering the pure nature of our mind, and in the second; how to help others by becoming just like our Spiritual Guide through receiving Tara’s blessings.

Perfect preparation for the empowerment in the afternoon.

festival podcast

What is the empowerment? – a preliminary explanation

Gen-la Dekyong
Gen-la Dekyong
What is the empowerment? - a preliminary explanation

Receiving the empowerment is like being guided in a meditation that leads to Tantra.

Journey to Tara's Pure Land

Many had travelled long distances to meet Mother Tara, culminating in entering the Temple where everything was ready for Gen-la Dekyong to grant the blessing empowerment.

Then began the inner journey. Guided by Gen-la we were taken on a transformative voyage in which we received the blessings of Tara’s body, speech and mind and experienced ourselves as Mother Tara in her Pure Land. Words cannot describe the deep inner peace of this precious wisdom mind.

Icon Fall Festivall 22 Tara
Icon Fall Festivall 22 Tara