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11 September 2022

Special Events at KMC Barcelona

reunion in the city

After her participation in the ITTP at Manjushri Cente, the Summer Festival and the post-festival retreat at the Sintra World Peace Temple, our Resident Teacher, Gen Lochani, has finally returned to KMC Barcelona. We met with her first at the urban temple in the city for a special day full of friends - a family of more than 200 people, welcoming their most beloved member.

There was a collective energy of immense gratitude, for those of us who know her, and of great expectation for those who found refuge for the first time.

Thank you Venerable Geshe-la for your kindness in training teachers who show us an immaculate and practical example of how to live a meaningful life.

retreat in the mountains

"During this very special year that we have been able to meet again in such a special Festival thanks to the presence of the Venerable Geshe-la, deepening our practice with the festival and post-festival retreats. We now close a summer full of blessings with the annual summer Tantra retreat guided by Gen Kelsang Lochani.

"We enjoyed doing the whole retreat in silence, which allowed us to achieve deeper results from these meditations, that certainly are out of this world.

"We have opened the door to an extraordinary universe, the very experience of our Spiritual Guide.

"By drinking from the source of these sacred instructions, we have immersed ourselves in this fountain of blessings and are now prepared to begin the course full of inspiration. We are so fortunate!"