18 April 2022

A weekend full of love at KMC Chile

The Chile Dharma Celebration with Gen Sangden

The Chile Dharma Celebration in Santiago this weekend was full of joy as practitioners from all over the country gathered to enjoy their National Spiritual Director, Gen Sangden, granting the empowerment and teachings on the Yoga of Buddha Maitreya.

"Over 80 people received the empowerment, with a collective focus to keep Buddha Maitreya in our heart to increase our ability to benefit others.

"Afterwards, we gathered indoors and on the street outside to share refreshments and insights - and to express our love and cherishing for each other, many of whom we have not seen for months"

"Thank you Gen Sangden for such a powerful and blessed weekend, and to everyone who made it possible."

"Dedicamos los méritos acumulados durante este fin de semana para que todos tengan la oportunidad de cultivar las mentes de amor y de este modo desparezcan todos los problemas, guerras y conflictos."

"We dedicate the merits accumulated during this weekend so that everyone will have the opportunity to cultivate the mind of love so that all problems, wars and conflicts will disappear."


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