18 January 2022

The blessings of Vajrayogini in Brasil

For the very first time, KMC Brasil is simultaneously hosting two Vajrayogini retreats.

Gen Chogyap is guiding the Vajrayogini Counting Retreat. This retreat is taking place in “Geshe-la’s cottage”, what we call the cottage where Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso stayed during the Temple opening in 2010. A perfect place for such a in-depth retreat.

Gen Drime is guiding “Every Vajrayogini Practice”, a broad retreat where we are going through each and every one of the blessed practices of Buddha Vajrayogini. This retreat is happening inside the magnificent Brazilian World Peace Temple.

Practitioners from all over Brazil, and even from Peru, have joined these retreats, which are only being offered in-person.

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