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16 January 2022

Retreats at Tharpaland

People at Tharpaland KMC are enjoying a month-long Vajrayogini and a shorter Lamrim retreat both in-person and online.

The Lamrim retreat was led by Gen Ananda, Resident Teacher of Tharpaland KMC and NKT-IKBU National Spiritual Director for Germany.

For the first time in ten years, practitioners from all over Germany and Austria have the opportunity to attend a supervised Vajrayogini counting retreat in German. The shrine was renovated in December for the retreat.

See some inspiring testimonials below.

What people are saying

Victoria, Online

January retreats_0080_Victoria

Gen Ananda is excellent in explaining the topics. It is a great pleasure to hear the teachings from someone who brings a new nuance to the lectures through his own experience with his own words and examples. This retreat makes me feel I am one step closer to the attaining realisations! So beautiful!

Vera, in-person

January retreats_0075_Vera

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be here. I feel I will take away many important insights.

Gaby, in-person

January retreats_0010

It is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Vajrayogini retreat here at Tharpaland KMC and to deepen my Dharma understanding. We have a great group and a great atmosphere, everyone takes care of each other.

Karin, In-person

January retreats_0071_Karin

Participating in the Lamrim Retreat gave me the opportunity to realize how precious my human life is. How wonderful that I have the opportunity to study and practice Dharma! Through this retreat, I am deepening my understanding of refuge and renunciation.

Christina, online

January retreats_0079_Christina

I enjoy the retreat very much. Although, of course it would be much more vibrant at Tharpaland KMC, together with you. Love and greetings to all!

Andrea, online

January retreats_0022_Andrea.jpg

It is very beautiful. I feel very blessed. Not quite there yet with the numbers, but I just do as Gen Ananda said and try to keep a happy mind. It's so great that everything is streamed and I can hear it from home.

Tony, in-person

January retreats_0063

I really enjoyed this retreat. We come together with other people who also have the same goal of meditating and making progress in our practice of Dharma, and when we all come together in meditation it has such unbelievable power!

Being here is so precious and priceless! Thank you Tharpaland and Venerable Geshe-la!

Sandra, in-person

January retreats_0018 (1)_Sandra

It is like a class trip to the Pure Land! A great opportunity to change the course of my future and get a view of what it is like in a Pure World. I am looking forward to strengthening my relationship with Vajrayogini. Tharpaland offers a perfect opportunity to do this.