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25 January 2022

Celebrating great good fortune

heruka day 2022

In the special prayer, Request to the Lord of All Lineages, it says:

The principal of Akanishta Pure Land, Vajradhara Heruka,
Now appears in this world as an emanation of Heruka
In the form of my root Guru
Who has led me inside the great mandala of the body of Heruka
And granted me the four empowerments to ripen my mental continuum.

Thus I have become a great fortunate one who has the opportunity to accomplish in this life
The Union of Heruka by accomplishing No More Learning, the state of enlightenment.

Kadampa centers around the world celebrate this great good fortune with special pujas, prayers and other events today, January 25, which is Heruka Day.

Thank you Venerable Geshe-la
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, from the depths of our hearts we thank you  for introducing the precious practice of Heruka Body Mandala and showing us how to enter into, progress on and complete this sublime path.

Through this fortune my all living beings find supreme everlasting happiness.