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01 November 2021


The first World Peace Cafe (WPC) was opened in Ulverston 20 years ago by Manjushri KMC at the suggestion of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

Since then many new WPCs have been opened around the world, and they are now a regular feature at Kadampa centers both in cities and in rural locations.

WPCs perfectly reflect the aims of NKT to support the development of Kadam Dharma through public service.

Open to everyone, they offer a uniquely peaceful atmosphere in which the public can enjoy wholesome refreshments and in many cases browse a bookstore providing books on Buddhism and meditation. Some also provide access to daytime meditations.

All the profits from WPCs go to the International Temples Project: https://kadampa.org/international-temples-project.

Find a Kadampa meditation center near you with a World Peace Cafe: kadampa.org/map

Please enjoy this selection of images from the World Peace Cafes at Manjushri KMC, Madhyamaka KMC, KMC New York, KMC Brighton, Nagarjuna KMC, and Tharpaland KMC.

7_Luces noche (4)

The lights shine on the 2nd anniversary of the Malaga Temple


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