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05 November 2021

KMC New York expands

As demand for the teachings and practices of Kadam Dharma continues to grow, new centers are opening around the world while others are undergoing extension.

Here we feature a center engaged in major expansion work - KMC New York.

"Kadampa Meditation Center New York is the mother center for the New Kadampa Tradition in the United States.

"Currently, KMC New York does not have the infrastructure to allow the Temple function at its full capacity. Because of this, we have embarked on building a new dining and accommodations facility. Completion of the new building is planned for Fall 2022."

This new building will include:

  • 15 New Comfortable Accommodations
  • A Large, Modern Commercial Kitchen
  • Camper’s toilets, showers, and laundry room

A New Accommodations & Dining Facility at KMC New York


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