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24 October 2021


Day 3 ~ a sublime day

a profound & blissful empowerment

Yesterday, thousands of people around the world received a profound and blissful empowerment of Buddha Green Tara from Gen-la Dekyong. Gen-la began with an introduction to Tara, who is an emanation of the wind element of all the Buddhas. She gave an extraordinarily clear explanation of the nature and function of the wind element - gross, subtle and very subtle - and its relationship with the mind. This teaching gave us great hope that we can actually attain an enlightened body just like Tara.

After the empowerment, Gen-la concluded with an extraordinary teaching on how to maintain the blessing of the empowerment in our daily life.

It was in every respect a sublime day, and everyone left feeling deeply blessed and deeply fortunate.

festival podcast

The wind element and our mind

Gen-la Dekyong
Gen-la Dekyong
The wind element and our mind

How our mind cannot function without inner winds


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Tara's special care, protection & blessings

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what does meditation mean for you?

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KMC Singapore

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the international kadampa family online

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christina, germany


It is such a wonderful blessing for the more disabled among us to now be able to take part in the International Festivals online and with so many helpful features - I feel so very much part of it all. A heartfelt thank you to everyone making this possible!

rafael, brasil

Iniciação Tara

Uma alegria poder aproveitar essa preciosa vida para receber bênçãos e ensinamentos de Guru Tara Verde direto do Festival de Outono com tantos discípulos afortunados kadampas modernos conectados de coração!

Obrigado Geshe-La.

Sandra, germany


Dear friends,

All the photos and stories are so inspiring I wanted to make a little contribution.

Thank you for all your lovely work.

Sending lots of love

Festival Snapshots

Preparations at ikrc grand canyon

KMC Madrid gather in their new location

Snapshots around the world



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International Kadampa Festivals give us the opportunity to enjoy a special, meaningful time in the turbulence of this hectic, contemporary world. It is a time where we can find the most profound answers to our deepest questions, and most specially, festivals grant us the gift of peace within our heart.

Through listening to teachings we can acquire the necessary tools to bring great meaning to our human life; we find the inspiration and the precise instructions we so long for.

By receiving the blessings and transmissions we can connect directly with the enlightened Buddhas, with our precious Teachers and also with our spiritual community - receiving the gift of their inspiration, teachings and qualified example.

Through making prayers together - all of us dispersed during this unusual time around the world, both at our local centres and at our homes - create the extraordinary karma of living in world full of peace and happiness, a world filled with good hearts wishing to acquire the most extraordinary qualities ourselves for the benefit of all.

Together at festivals, we become a global spiritual family, different in so many ways, but equal in the most meaningful and profound way: we all share our intention to put an end to suffering and bring happiness to this troubled world.



With such a special title, The Path to Heaven, what is there not to look forward to?

I want so much to receive benefit in my mind and in my life from the pure Kadampa wisdom treasures, I need to be under that special protection that Arya Tara promised us.

I was very moved that Venerable Geshe-la explained once that everything that helps is in the nature of Arya Tara.

Especially, during these unusual times, as Venerable Geshe-la recommended us to rely especially on Arya Tara, I want to deepen my connection with her wisdom, by praying together with precious Sangha friends. This is what I missed the most during the past year and a half. That specific help: to pray together with precious Sangha friends.

The words The Path to Heaven remind me of a  profound explanation from Venerable Geshe-la:

“Pure Lands are not found outside our mind. We can find the Pure Land through purifying our mind and becoming ourselves a pure being.”

And now we can purify our mind through receiving and putting into practice together this special method of transference of consciousness.

A transmission we haven’t received since 1997! I am so looking forward to it! Thank you Venerable Geshe-la.


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The lights shine on the 2nd anniversary of the Malaga Temple


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