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22 August 2021

Retreats in Switzerland & Barcelona

Kailash IRC, Switzerland

At Kailash International Retreat Centre in the Swiss mountains, the Resident Teacher Gen Devi led a blissful retreat on the practice of Heruka body mandala.

'We had the great good fortune to take the Summer Festival teachings into our hearts in guided retreat as Gen Devi led us through the practice of The Yoga of Buddha Heruka.

She inspired us with every aspect of this beautiful practice, beginning with the minds of refuge, bodhichitta and Guru Yoga, all the way through to self-generation and completion stage.

Through Gen Devi's clear guidance and our Guru's blessings, we feel empowered with the confidence to continually strive to attain the pure selfless joy of full enlightenment."


Meanwhile at KMC Barcelona's retreat center in Montserrat, people enjoyed a post Summer Festival retreat on Lamrim led by Miguel Vergara, Resident Teacher at KMC Albacete.