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13 May 2021

KMC Stockholm ~ continuous development

Since Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU, opened the new center in January 2020, KMC Stockholm has gone from strength to strength Here is a story of a Kadampa city center during a time of pandemic.

"A lot has happened during the pandemic including the publication in Swedish of the book Universal Compassion, an online school visit for up to seventy students, and the creation of a recording studio for the Kadampa prayers in Swedish.

"We love being at the new center with its huge street-facing windows. Regularly people drop by to have a look around and ask about our classes.

Shortly after the grand opening Covid restrictions took effect, although in Sweden there has never been a full lockdown, we quickly started offering online classes via Zoom in addition to in-person classes for a smaller number of participants."

creating the recording studio

From the acoustic panels to the acoustic curtains, our little studio is now ready! We will be recording prayers, guided meditations, audio books and much more in Swedish. We are extremely enthusiastic about these future projects!