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27 March 2021

Healing ourself and the world with wisdom

Nordic Dharma Festival 2021

The Nordic Dharma Festival 2021 with Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab was held online last weekend. It was a great success with people taking part from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands.

See below for the wonderful feedback from people in different countries.

Oslo, Norway

"I'm happy that I was able to join the festival. Now I have a special method for increasing my good fortune and wisdom so that my life will be of great meaning. It's good to have real solutions in difficult times." Johannes

"Thank you Genla Khyenrab for granting the empowerment of White Tara and delivering this great commentary. Excellent teachings, clear, logical, practical, encouraging: just what we need!" Olivier

Stockholm, sweden

"It was wonderful to reconnect with Buddha White Tara again and Gen-la's clear and powerful teachings were very helpful and really moved my mind. I also enjoyed the clear and practical meditations with Gen Kelsang Dragpa." Kelsang Jema

“It was really beautiful to see such an experienced Teacher grant the empowerment - especially when he still made sure that you felt welcomed regardless of your level. Thank you!” Maya

Copenhagen, Denmark

"It was inspiring to get so much encouragement for our practice, and to study further the seven wisdoms and sixteen aspects of the Four Noble Truths. Thank you Gen-la Khyenrab, Gen Dragpa and everybody who made this Festival arise." Tim Larcombe

"I felt like Gen-la was talking directly to me about topics and problems relevant to me and my family - and for that I am grateful. It was wonderful to receive the White Tara empowerment and many lovely meditations by Gen Dragpa. May everyone be able to hear Geshe-la’s wisdom words." Sophie

Finland & the Netherlands

"Attending to NDF 2021 and listening to Gen-la Khyenrab's teachings brought so much joy and inspiration: we are truly on the correct path to perfect freedom and everlasting happiness! So no matter how long it takes, we can continue our journey joyfully supporting each other as a worldwide Kadampa family!" Susi

"I thought it was a powerful empowerment even if we were not physically together. It was an educational and loving weekend." Jannie