25 October 2020

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Day 4 ~ A sublime practice

Yesterday, Je Tsongkhapa Day,  Gen-la Dekyong gave commentary on the two prayer booklets, Medicine Buddha Sadhana and Medicine Buddha Prayer. She explained how they are connected, and how, through the inconceivable kindness of Venerable Geshe-la and under the guidance of his root Guru, Trijang Rinpoche, these teachings are a special presentation for us, the Kadampa practitioners of the modern world.

Gen-la explained that these practices are related because they fulfil our two bodhichitta wishes: to become a Buddha ourself so that we can truly benefit others. She gave us clear and detailed commentary on the preparatory practises, asking us to think deeply about their meaning. For example, she explained how, just before our Guru dissolves into our heart, the blue rays of wisdom light radiating from Medicine Buddha function to purify our body, speech and mind so that we can become Medicine Buddha. She asked us, “How can light rays purify all these things - how does that work? It works because we are following the truth! “

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Relying on Medicine Buddha

Gen-la Dekyong
Gen-la Dekyong
Relying on Medicine Buddha

Two Special Methods for our Modern World

Tantric technology

Gen-la reminded us that everything is created by mind and so by using Tantric technology such as this, with faith, conviction and our Guru’s blessings, we can use our wisdom imagination to become a pure being in reality.

She also explained that through the practice of self generation of Medicine Buddha we appear as Medicine Buddha in our pure land - Lapis Jewel Land. We remember that the union of this appearance and its emptiness are one object, not two. In the words of Venerable Geshe-la, “In this way we can accomplish a pure land and transform our own body, speech and mind into Medicine Buddha’s body, speech and mind.'

Through this we heal all our own outer and inner sicknesses - our own ordinary appearances and conceptions - and we gain a special power with which to engage in healing actions to be of profound benefit to others.”

Such blessed instructions!

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What Is A Healing Action?

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The Power of Reliance

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Who Is Je Tsongkhapa?

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Maya, Sweden

Gen Janglam, Brazil

Paige, US

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Grace, Hong Kong


尊貴的格西拉説”我有百分百的信心,百分百的確信,只有佛陀法教是解決人類問題的方法” 這段說話,很觸動我心,只要努力修持佛陀法教,我和一切衆生就能脱離痛苦。

Venerable Geshe-la says "I can say with 100% confidence, 100% certainty, only Buddha's teachings are the method to solve human problems." I am very touched and inspired by his words. If I put effort into practicing Buddha's teachings, I and all living beings will be permanently liberated from suffering.

Liesel, Peru


Buenas noches!

Agradecer tantísimo a nuestro Venerable Gueshla Kelsang Gyatso Rimpoche, por seguir motivándonos en la práctica de las Enseñanzas de Dharma. Larga vida.
Abrazos desde Perú.

Kelsang Sangzin, US


I was so moved by the Medicine Buddha empowerment. Gen-la's explanation, wisdom, and support touches my heart. This is exactly what I needed to hear, although I've heard it many times before. 'The things we normally see do not exist.' Looking forward to the rest of the festival.

with thanks,

Jana, spain

Inicacion Buda Medicina

Thanks to these powerful teachings and blessings of Medicine Buddha, I start to feel in my heart what are our real problems. This supreme medicine, heals all suffering, internal and external. Thank you so much!

Ginger, Israel


These blessings couldn't have arrived in a better time. It is wonderful we have the opportunity to receive Medicine Buddha's teachings who gently and effectively shows us our real problem and gives us the healing medicine of his powerful blessings to solve it .

Thank you for appearing this opportunity dear Geshe-la and dear Sangha. Sending you much love from Israel.

Kelsang Semgye & Gen Chime, Mexico


We are so grateful and happy to be enjoying this wonderful and healing festival in the meditation room, hoping the whole world may benefit from the blessings and prayers.

Thank you so much for making the festival possible.

Sheralyn & bodhi, New Zealand

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Here is Bodhi who is almost three years old. He was born on a Manjushri empowerment day and has had a very strong connection with Geshe-la since the moment he was born.

Whilst he doesn’t have the concentration to sit through all teachings etc, he loves to listen to Gen-la Dekyong and her precious words.

He has been listening to Songs of Healing since he was very little and I am certain has a strong connection with Medicine Buddha.

Love and Blessings

Ned, Australia


Ned sat himself on my lap in front of the shrine as Gen-la introduced Medicine Buddha; who, through the immense kindness of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, so many beings have the great good fortune to meet.

How wonderful!



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How many times have I recited, “May all suffering quickly cease”? Thousands? As I send this phrase into the world, I sometimes think, “Wow, I sure hope so” and “Sooner rather than later, please.” In the Festival introduction, Gen-la Dekyong asked, very directly, “How do we do this? How do we make all suffering cease?”

I sat up straight when she said that. I was all ears. 

“Only by taking Buddha’s teachings into our hearts,” she said. It’s our faith in the medicine of Buddha’s teachings that will make this possible. There’s no other way to make suffering cease, permanently, once and for all.

And this medicine is right here, in our world, right in front of us, teaching us to develop a pure mind, destroying delusions (the disease we all have!). If we cure the delusions, we’re cured forever! That’s how all suffering quickly ceases! 

What astounding good fortune we’re having to be presented with Buddha’s teachings, again and again, allowing our experience of them to grow and our hearts to change. 



In the teaching,  Gen-la mentioned the two practices of Medicine Buddha are the cause for accomplishing the two wishes of bodhichitta.

She said one drowning person can’t help another, like us at the moment. How can we free others from the ocean of suffering?

She quoted Geshe-la: “Through the strength of the main wish, we naturally accomplish the secondary aspiration”. She emphasised that if we really care about others and we’re thinking about them all the time, wishing swiftly to accomplish the body, speech and mind of Medicine Buddha in this life will be automatic.

Gen-la said we are able to access the power of all Buddhas through our Spiritual Guide, and through our own practice to benefit others using our Spiritual Guide’s power and the power of all Buddhas.

She said we need to identify our self correctly. If we stop believing our body and mind are our self, we can cease the cycle of impure life, our delusions and suffering, and help others cease theirs.
She also encouraged us to generating the determination to follow Medicine Buddha: “May I become swiftly just like you” with the ability to benefit others.
She told us this whole practice is developing strong faith.



I have just received the Medicine Guru Empowerment - How fortunate and blessed I really am. On a wet windy day here in the UK I am so happy so delighted to have received this truly amazing empowerment. I sit here radiating blessings to all the people in this world who are less fortunate then me.

I have been given the most supreme medicine and now I have to take this medicine and use it in my daily life. When we are sick we go to an ordinary doctor and they give us medicine to take one tablet three times a day. We don’t leave the medicine sitting on the shelf because we know we won’t get better without taking it. So how much more important is it to take the supreme medicine of Medicine Guru and apply it in my daily life.

If we were shut in a darkened room we would want someone to come and switch the light on for us so we could find our way out. Gesh-la is giving us a way out. He is switching that light on for me personally by teaching me about emptiness the way things really are. I have to want, to yearn, to beg to realise emptiness so that I can benefit all living beings every day and become just like my Spritual Guide.

I need to step through the door and contemplate and meditate on emptiness so that my understanding grows - so that I realise emptiness for myself. I will become so happy, so blessed, so able to help my family my friends and the people around me. The world needs this medicine more then ever right now. I must show it by being a good example

With pure body speech and mind I must remove the three poisons from my mind, cutting the real problem my root of self grasping and casting it afar, cutting the creeping vine of my ignorance. We need to think everything is a dream - it is an illusion. It takes a long time for a pebble on the beach to be washed smooth and through my Guru's blessings that is what is happening to my mind. I can and will realise emptiness. I am off to step through that door for the benefit of others. I am off to take the medicine and taste emptiness for myself.


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