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26 July 2020

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Day 4 ~ the real meaning of our life

Yesterday morning, Gen-la Dekyong gave a commentary to the Yoga of Buddha Amitayus. She began by saying that we should take these instructions as personal advice from our Guru’s heart. The empowerment plants seeds of the common and uncommon paths and our daily practice ripens them. These instructions are related to Highest Yoga Tantra - Buddha’s ultimate view and intention - but there is no Tantra without Sutra. We cannot build a temple without foundations and we cannot practice Tantra without Sutra.

What is the real meaning of our human life? It is to realise our very subtle mind. Then we will become a Buddha in this one life. All Buddha’s teachings are condensed into refuge practice. Whether modern technology helps or harms depends on whether we have a good heart or not, but Tantric technology fulfils our deepest wishes.

Gen-la then gave an explanation of the self-generation practice, as well as an oral instruction on completion stage. She encouraged us to engage in the yearly retreat on Amitayus and to maintain the blessings of the empowerment.

festival podcast

Accomplishing World Peace

Accomplishing World Peace
Gen-la Dekyong

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The Union of Sutra and Tantra

a path to pure and everlasting happiness

In our world of so much pain and suffering there is a path to pure and everlasting happiness. Gen-la asked us - if it were 500 steps would we be motivated to do it? But there are only eight steps! These instructions are prepared for the busy people of the modern world. They work for everybody. They come from the 11th century but they are just as relevant now as they were then. Gen-la taught from the introduction to The New Eight Steps to Happiness. We tend to confuse worldly pleasure with happiness but in reality happiness is a part of the mind that experiences inner peace. We should contemplate this until the meaning touches our heart.

Gen-la gave an introduction to Geshe Langri Tangpa, who is an emanation of Buddha Amitabha, who is Buddha Amitayus. He always behaved in a humble manner. We can see this example in Venerable Geshe-la. Gen-la explained that we can visualise Buddha Amitabha at the heart of Buddha Shakyamuni and Je Tsongkhapa when we do our preparatory prayers. Our preparatory practices should pervade our life, not just the meditation session.

And today, more blissful teachings from Eight Steps. What unbelievable fortune!

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Realising Our Buddha Nature


Art for our sake

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Kadampas in Berlin


international kadampa family online

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alexandra, romania

Fernando, Brasil

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Amee, canada


We are very much enjoying the festival.

Thank you Geshe-la for making the festival available to everybody.

Kari, US


I feel so fortunate to be able to engage in this festival all the way from Indianapolis, Indiana.

I am a nurse in a community health center, and this could not have been made available at a more perfect and needed time.

May the blessings and teachings guide me and help me through this with a peaceful mind and loving heart. May all living beings be free from suffering and its causes.

Much love to all and best wishes for a beneficial festival experience!

Brian, Arthur & Isabel, Brasil


Thank you to all kind Kadampa family who make this wonderful festival possible.

We are so delighted to receiving such special blessings here in Brazil.

We feel connected to our Kind Guru Geshe-la and to all Kadampas around the world.

Hoang, vietnam

Vn_Hn_26 July 2020
A small group of people (in Hanoi, Vietnam) who gather to join some sessions of Summer Festival together.
With love, Hoang – NKT practitioner from Hanoi, Vietnam

lupe, brasil


What a joy we can be together and receive these wonderful blessings!

Here in Florianópolis we made a beautiful table to offer to Buddha Amitayus and we want to share our joy with everyone. Thank you for empowering us to see the world in the right way.

Here in Brazil we are going through a time of great darkness and it is very difficult. That's why refuge in Dharma is so important. It makes us use our adversity as our spiritual path instead of complaining about it!

Elizabeth, UK


Hello Kadampas,

Blessings to everyone and heart felt thanks to everyone who has helped to deliver this festival to me at home.

I have arrived at the best place I can possibly be!



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Imagine a world in which all our Kadampa family have attained the supreme mind of enlightenment. This is our pure potential and this is what Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso believes we can achieve.
This degenerate world needs enlightened beings. Through receiving the blessings of Buddha Amitayus we can attain a long life and wisdom to accomplish this. 
Geshe-la believes in us and we have faith in him. He is holding the door open for us, his hand outstretched.  With a mind of faith we take his hand and he leads us to enlightenment. From our side we just have to follow his example.
During the empowerment we received innumerable blessings giving us the confidence and belief that Buddha Amitayus has dissolved into us.
Geshe-la  is our kind loving father.
As I sat in front of my shrine I felt so blessed, so peaceful. I know the best offering I can make to my Guru is to follow in his footsteps. I felt we are being encouraged to realise emptiness. I think I must make the most of my precious human life. If Lam Chung can attain enlightenment then there is hope for me.
By going for refuge, reading contemplating the ten instruction’s of Dharma as Geshe-la encouraged us to do, I can repay my Guru's immense  kindness.
I have found the supreme medicine. I must take it and apply it now in my daily life. I can use the wisdom of Buddha Amitayus to help me understand emptiness so that I can attain enlightenment to help all living beings - and in this way use my precious human life to its full potential. How wonderful!
What am I waiting for? 
Kelsang Zondru, UK


I went to an extraordinary place where I learned some amazing things about my own potential.

I learned that I can attain a deathless body!

The technology to attain this, Tantric technology, exists and is intact. There are accomplished teachers who can guide me through this. And all the necessary conditions for me to succeed are present now in my life. How incredible!

Wait a minute, I don't think I am listening. 

I'm going to say that again . . .

Ian, UK

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